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I  have decided to create a whole new website dedicated to just my sculptures and vinyl kits.  I will still keep this website open  but all new dolls will be showcased on the New website




March 27, 2007

 The Matea vinyl prototype  arrived today

click here for the pictures



March 21, 2007

 I will be posting photos of my Matea prototype any day now. 

The parcel is being held at customs in Vancouver. I will be sending out my notification hopefully within a day or so.



February 4, 2007 

 My wax molds for the Matea vinyl doll  kit  have been approved and my first kit is in production now. I will post the vinyl prototypes as soon as I have them . Thank you all for your interest in my special baby.

More info will be posted soon




January 12, 2007

 For those interested in purchasing the Matea kit, I have created an update page on her production Progress. Ordering info coming soon. 


December 21, 2006


Due to the very high response I have received, this  baby  will be produced into a vinyl doll kit for reborn artist. Ordering information will be posted sometime in January. 

The price will be $90.00 Canadian  ($75.00 US apprx.)+ shipping

 Please join my mailing list to be notified when she is available to order if you do not want to miss out on this little sweetie. Updates will also be given through the mailing list. 

Thank you all for your positive  feedback

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

click on the picture for more photos



 December 19, 2006

Wow it's been a long time since I have updated my site. I lost my web files during the summer due to a computer crash and it has taken me a while to save my website files from the web.   I still have some work to do  but for now it is working with my new updated pages.   Please visit the sculpted babies page  to see my most newest babies that have finally made it to the site. I have some very exciting plans for my newest baby  Matea ( named after my daughter)  I will be making the announcement in the new year if all goes well :o)  . 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays




 August 11, 2006

 My vinyl Doll Kit  Bria is now available to pre order 

You can place your order here



July 28, 2006

 Baby Sophie is available for Adoption . I sculpted some hands and feet for her finally :o)

Click on her picture for her details


July 19, 2005

   I just wanted to share that my baby Bria will be available to preorder very soon.

She will come as an unpainted  kit for the reborn artist 

you can see more pictures of by clicking on her picture.



July 14, 2006

 I have been making some changes to my website, hopefully making it easier to navigate.

 I will be using this page to let you know what is new and what babies I am working on 

Please check back for lots of new updates and exciting news  very soon